Struttura Metel | Metel


Competitive value is built around an infrastructure of Associates and sector Federations where each Company describes its services and added value compared to its competitors.

In the era of Internet, the proliferation of websites for managing information, that create no added value, are costs which Companies must endure. With Metel, adopting basic ITC services shared with other sector partners, creates significant savings for companies.

Below is Metel’s membership share layout.


FME represents the distribution sector (ELEX – ELETTROTECA _ GEWA – FINDEA – STAR TRE – CONSEL – REXEL – SONEPAR – ANSE 2000) and independent companies. ANIE includes Federations and Associations which belong to the sector (ENERGIA – CSI – ASSIL – AICE), hence the manufacturers. ARAME represents the Association of sales representatives who have committed to promoting Metel® among the distribution companies.


Assembly (Provides the general guidelines)

Board of Directors (Operative body which applies the guidelines, and point of reference for Metel’s headquarters)

  • Gianni Binacchi – ANIE
  • Fabrizio Borghini – FME
  • Luca Bosatelli – ANIE
  • Salvatore Moria – ANIE
  • Antonio Franceschi – ARAME
  • Francesco Grimaldi – ARAME
  • Mario Link – FME
  • Alberto Mauri – FME
  • Bruna Venturini – ANIE
  • Simon Sanfilippo – FME
  • Alessandro Fogliani – FME
  • Franco Villani – ANIE

President: Franco Villani

Vice President: Alberto Mauri


Staff Metel

  • General Director:

              Giorgio Casanova

  • Promoter EDI:

               Anna Romanò, Alessio Franceschi

  • Developement and Delivery Manager:

               Alessandro Guglielmi

  • Quality development Management:

               Monica Caimi

  • Customer Care and Documents Certification:

               Clara Ottolini, Roberto Gravellini

  • Software Engineer - EDI solution:

    Dario Pizzuto
  • System Engineer  - EDI solution:

              Francesco Gualazzi

  • Administrative and General Assistant:

               Luana Mazzucco

  • Marketing Communication Jr & Administrative Assistant:

    Diana Messina