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The Order Cycle: fundamental concepts

The market as well as modern distribution need to increase:

  • the visibility of their items and services;
  • cooperation within the supply chain to reduce errors from the exchange of data;
  • the speed of information flows.

To do all of this today it is fundamental to have a unique language shared by computers (EDI), which allows for coherent and immediate communication and reduces the possibility of errors as much as possible. For this reason, our services are based on Metel WebEDI.


What is Metel WebEDI

This service allows electronic transmission of Purchase Orders, Order Confirmations, dispatch advices and invoices using internet through advanced security protocols that are reliably and maintain data confidentiality. This service can be integrated with a traditional EDI also on VANs (Value Added Nework) as to reach all the clients/suppliers abroad.

Advantages for the industry:

  • Up to a 75% reduction in order handling costs;
  • Automatically generated transactions (sending and receiving) documents;
  • Secure transactions that are fast, certified, and punctually tracked.


Per questo motivo Metel ha introdotto importanti novità:

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Point Service

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Van Profile

PDF Viewer

EDI Reconciliation

Tracking donwload documents