Metel WebEDI: Servizio Riconciliazione EDI | Metel


Allows you to search and tracking of EDI documents related to each other: Order, DDT (Transport Document) and Bill.

In practice, directly from the Web, user can search and view all the orders and shipping documents contained in an invoice, the invoice can be found as referenced in a DDT or in an order.

In this way you can have an accurate picture of what is passed in EDI and what has been managed in the traditional way and you can also have a much faster search of documents connected with each other.

Technical Informations

o perform a test simply access the private area by entering User id and PWD.

Interfaccia servizi Metel WebEDI, riconciliazione delle fatture From MetelWebEDI interface, access the menu item “Reconciliation Documents” (see image) and enter the document type to search, the number and the date (for searching within a month if you do not know the exact date) . Please note that Research will be introduced by company name shortly . The list will highlight whether the documents are produced, in turn, EDI or not.
Interfaccia servizi Metel WebEDI, riconciliazione degli ordini This image instead shows the result by selecting an order (EDI Reconcile icon) from the previous search.