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  There are two types of controls: for mandatory fields and for operational fields:
  • Example of a mandatory field. If the document number is not inserted in the standard, it is an obvious error that will not allow the document to be processed, hence the sender will receive a message that the document is not valid.
  • Example of an operational field. If the delivery point is not specified, the document can be processed but a basic piece of information is missing; where should the merchandise be delivered?
A shipping address can be entered only if it is a construction site; but, if the address is a warehouse then it must be specified by a code in the purchase order. In this case, Metel WebEDI won’t block the document but an email message will be sent to both the sender and the recipient regarding the inconsistency. The inconsistency must be corrected since it will generate an error in the order confirmation, the dispatch advice and the invoice. That is why, when a piece of information is generated, it must first be thought through the entire order cycle to see what its repercussions could be cycle.