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BIOM is integrated with Metel WebEDI.

  Below are some slides that show in a clear and immediate manner the various scenarios in which BIOM operates. Question: “is it possible for the two companies’ operating systems to communicate in an efficient manner?

Layout flusso informazioni nel sistema BIOM Answer: “thanks to a standard shared by the two companies, the exchange of documents between the two systems is more efficient and precise.”

At this point it is natural to ask “how can I implement the Metel Standard in my database?”  

There are two solutions:

1) Using a software that reads and interprets the Metel Standard

2) Translation: the BIOM translator can translate a proprietary file to a Metel® standard file and vice versa for all Metel® standard documents (purchase order – order confirmation – dispatch advice – invoice). BIOM can also handle any other international standard, not only Metel®. Hence it can generate from a proprietary file an EDIFACT standard or any other requested file and vice versa.

BIOM is integrated with Metel WebEDI.

  Description of the BIOM service Biom is composed of modules capable of handling THREE different types of operations: TRANSLATION DELIVERY BIOM AGENT