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Condizioni Generali Metel Data Pool


M002 Modulo Abbonamento Standard Metel 2013

Manuale Listino Rel. 1.1 – rev.13 – Aggiornato al 28-02-2013

L001.1r14 List 021 – January 2014


The evolution of computers and internet has re-proposed old knowledge in a new framework with EDI (Electronic Data Interchange).

Definition: Electronic exchange of commercial, administrative and logistic information Inter/Intra-Company through a Standard Format (computer to computer).

Competitive value is built around an infrastructure of Associates and sector Federations where each Company describes its services and added value compared to its competitors.

In the era of Internet, the proliferation of company websites to manage information without any added value is a burden that Companies must endure.

With Metel, adopting ITC models shared by the companies in the same sector allow for significant savings.

Market and modern Distribution channels must increase:

  • Item and service visibility;
  • Cooperation within the supply chain by reducing errors when exchanging data;
  • The speed with which information is distributed.

To do all this today, it is fundamental to use a single language (STANDARD), shared among computers (EDI), that communicates in a coherent and immediate fashion while reducing errors as much as possible.

That is why our services are based on Metel WebEDI.

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A series of User manuals prepared by the Technical Committee that implements the case studies within our specific electric material industry.

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Introducing the Metel® EDI system in your company is not a technical decision.

Introducing the Metel® EDI system in your company is a strategic decision.