Servizio di Distribuzione dei Listini Metel | Metel



To access, insert the username and password in the appropriate fields


Access to deliberations of Technical Commettee (CTO Metel)

It’s possible to see and download the Resolutions of Technical Commettee (CTO Metel) related to any changes occurred  since the last Metel manuals released.


Download Modulistica Certificazione e Distribuzione Listini

  Per la distribuzione del proprio listino è possibile scarica le Condizioni Generali Portale Distribuzione Listini Metel . L’assistenza tecnica è rilasciata solo agli abbonati Metel.

Descrizione del Servizio

Access is reserved to Metel certified suppliers and all wholesalers who have subscribed to Metel.

This service simplifies the supplier’s distribution process for wholesalers; it is faster and simpler to access their supplier’s price lists through a single Metel system.

The Supplier must authorize access to its price lists, the wholesaler can download the price list via the browser or automatically with the appropriate software provided by Mete which is included in the subscription.


When accessing the Price List distribution portal, one can see all the registered Suppliers.

Once authorization has been obtained, the requester can begin to download manually or automatically with the software provided by Metel.

All downloads must be previously authorized by the Suppliers.

Price lists available through the portal are always Metel certified and hence are in a standard format.

The information available on the portal is:

  • Price List;

  • Barcode List;

  • Groups of statistics;

  • Groups of discounts;

  • Bill of Material.