Documenti del Ciclo dell'Ordine: Fattura | Metel

Description of Metel Documents: Invoice

Access to deliberations of Technical Commettee (CTO Metel)

It’s possible to see and download the Resolutions of Technical Commettee (CTO Metel) related to any changes occurred  since the last Metel manuals released.

Download manuals

  To download Metel Manuals it’s necessary  login to the Reserved Area of Metel website with your userid and password.  

The use of this allows one to automatically reconcile both the Purchase Order and the Dispatch Advice and accounting entries.

  Advantages for the supply chain:
  • Invoice account entry in one’s ERP system;
  • Reconciliation of both Purchase Order and Dispatch Advice;
  • No need to print Purchase Orders for checks;
  • No need to manually check accounting lines and purchase order lines;
  • The Metel® Invoice is ready for Electronic Invoice Archiving;
  • Certainty of invoice having been sent and received.