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More than 2 million products, it contains all of the price lists created with our standard, available for downloading.CLICK ON THE + and download Metel Price list Manual

Price list Manual can be downloaded HERE

With the ETIM International classification, you can enhance your basic information for selling, purchasing and logistics, and distribute the information on your products to your partners in various formats.


Product classification system present on Metel price lists.

ElectroCod is compatible with ETIM and other classification systems. A product category chosen by the manufacturer is assigned to each product.



ElectroGoal is the service package specifically designed for sales representatives: with Metel Data Pool the representative uses a single interface to access all the principals’ price lists, all of the technical sheets and all of the information available to wholesalers. With MyMetel the representative can manage the wholesalers order directly via web and also traditional EDI.


MyMetel connects EDI with non EDI. It translates an EDI order into an e-mail.

The e-mail containing the order (PDF and/or XML) can be processed on the web, directly creating the order confirmation. MyMetel transforms the manufacturer’s reply into an EDI file for the distributor, making it part of a consolidated process.

web service

MWS is the method of the future for connecting IT systems to each other securely, confidentially and quickly.

It is possible to access the information each manufacturer provides on MDP in real time: descriptions, images and parameters related to a specific product code. The wholesaler can activate the product availability request functionality and issue an urgent order in real time without exiting his own management system. The manufacturer has the certainty that the open channel will maintain privacy and security.


With CC the representative receives an exact copy of the order sent by the wholesaler to the principal, in Metel format.

Used to import a document into the management system without re-entering it, and then be able to extract it and send it to the manufacturer (whether connected with Metal or not).


T​he Logistic Collaborative Platform: Producers, Wholesalers and Carriers connected in EDI.
P​LC is a web interface that Metel offers in the Standard Subscription for 6 months. Advantages: - ​No waiting for the Carriers ​- Integrated with​ CloudEDI - ​Digitized deliveries and documents

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The Cable Technical Designation includes the product codes of the major manufacturers of low voltage cables which have adopted a standard nomenclature (CEI).

Based on an agreement between ANIE and FME, the manufacturer product codes are combined into a single 16 character code for: the CEI abbreviation of the cable, the colour (RAL), the type of packing (coil or spool) and the quantity present in the packing.

ETIM Italy

Metel is the Italian representative for ETIM International. The ETIM model gives a listing of the most important technical characteristics of each product class to describe and find the products.
Product classification is simply a logical, unambiguous classification (taxonomy) of products in different product classes (categories), designed so that anyone within the sector can communicate about those products without misunderstandings.

Extra Services


Sap Connector Metel - ​communicate with SAP ​thanks to Metel
SAP​.​Con.Me.​ presents the RFC feature of SAP for the management of orders as a web service. the logic of validation and execution remains on SAP: - ​It ​tra​nslates data received via web in a query for SAP ​-​ ​It tra​nslates ​SAP​'s answer in a web response


Translates vector PDFs into standardised record layouts (Metel layouts).

Starting from a PDF file it transforms each document (order, order confirmation, despatch note, invoices) into Metel standard, importing it into the management system.


Platform for sharing documents not in Metel standard.

Modular, customisable, granted under licenses completely in CLOUD; with application maintenance defined and established based on the customer’s needs.

It integrates the most widespread management systems including SAP (I-Doc), Baan and can interact with various application environments based on the objectives to achieve (ftp, sftp, https, AS2, e-mail and WEB Services SOAP). It integrates various platforms such as that of the Public Administration (SDI, interchange system), and standards including EURITMO, EDIEL, ENEL, EANCOM, Indra Electronet, along logistics platforms (Geodis and Bartolini) with the exchange of carrier letters and delivery statuses.


Legally acceptable integrated archiving and storage platform.

WAM or Web Archive Management is the legally acceptable integrated archiving and storage platform, used to digitalise and store any document format, covering the receivable and payable cycles.

It manages Public Administration and B2B Electronic Invoicing. It sends the invoices directly to the Interchange System (SDI) and receives all the notices and legally stores them.

integrated companies

INTEGRATED COMPANIES - The website collects all the companies that use Metel's services, showing them on an interactive map.
Each description contains contact informations, all the documents certified with Metel and all the active services. The functionality for the search of products on Metel's price lists is activated upon the approval of the manufacturer. The search of products allows to check the availability of the item searched (for those manufacturers that have it visible).

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