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Integrated Companies

From small local artisan companies to multinationals, we have solutions for everyone.

They start from our Basic Subscription: you can generate your public and private price lists based on the most recognised international standards.

Forget about paper. We have paperless documents and processes.

A wide range of services makes it possible to decide the amount of digitalisation you want, both outgoing and incoming.

You can exchange data through a secure and reserved channel, connecting various IT systems, improving speed, accuracy and efficiency in the market.

The integrated companies

Click on the map, and our Integrated Companies’ portal will be opened, displaying all of our manufacturers.

The Excellent Metel manufacturers

Use the entire Metel® system:

Metel Price List version 021

  • ETIM
  • Barcode version 021
  • Discount range
  • Statistics range
  • Order (excellent manufacturers must manage the order with the extra discounts)
  • Order confirmation (excellent manufacturers must manage the delivery dates)
  • Despatch note
  • Invoices with reconciling per order line
  • Credit notes
  • Product image for all products on the Metel price list
  • ElectroCod 2.0 combined with the current Metel 021 price list
  • Metel Web Service for offering an on-line stock and urgent order service

They are always certified with the latest release of the manuals in the reserved area.

They are Excellent Metel:

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