Metel’s history


Staff & Jobs

Metel’s history

METEL – abbreviation of Elettrical and Telematic Material –  was founded in 1993 with the aim of offering the market a standardisation of creation and management procedures for documents linked to the order cycle. The company is related to three industry associations, who are part of the governance bodies.
Metel is the “industry’s standard”.


Metel’s Board of Directors is composed by:

  • Simon Sanfilippo – FME
  • Davide G. Orabona  – ANIE
  • Antonio Franceschi – ARAME
  • Ezio Galli – FME
  • Carlo Zuffelato – ARAME
  • Salvatore Moria – ANIE
  • Guido Barcella – FME
  • Ettore Pelli – ANIE
  • Marco Vecchio – ANIE
  • Marco Zambelli – FME

President: Alessandro Fogliani

Vice President: Franco Villani


The CTOOrganisational Technical Committee – is the technical work group that receives and implements the Board of Director’s guidelines.


Il Metellino d’Oro and +EDI

To constantly increase EDI flows means to improve efficiency and effectiveness of the company. The reliability of the information exchanged on the Supply chain is always granted. The Metellino d’Oro is an is a way togain visibility and growth, open to manufacturers and wholesalers, according to the number of EDI orders managed.
You can find the +EDI’s rules here.

Metel’s world

All our solutions, customized for Manufacturers, Wholesalers and Agents.

Etim International

Metel is the Italian representative of ETIM International, with the aim of implementing its adoption in the Italian market.

Pushing Italy towards digital innovation

Metel is a partner of the Osservatorio Fatturazione Elettronica e Dematerializzazione (Electronic and Paperless Invoicing Observatory), a benchmark in Italy for research, communication and information activity. Created in 1999, it is part of the Digital Innovation Observatories which deal with key Digital Innovation issues in Enterprises and Public Administrations. It also participates in the Italian Forum for Electronic Invoicing and eProcurement, established by decree of the Italian Ministry of the Economy and Finance in 2010.


CEO: Giorgio Casanova

Development and delivery of services Manager: Alessandro Guglielmi

Marketing and selling services Manager: Alessio Franceschi

Administration and back office: Luana Mazzucco

Administration and back office: Jessica

Sales Agent & Communication : Francesca Bruschi

Promoter EDI: Alessandra Girotto

DevOps engineer: Adriano Fabbris

DevOps engineer – DPO: Ernesto Ferrari

Technical assistance and quality: Roberto Gravellini

Technical assistance and quality: Monica Caimi

Technical assistance and quality: Angelo Ferrari


Despite being a small organisation, Metel has never ceased to grow since it started its business.

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